BiB and Grim-Veiled Gear

The BiB optimizer is seeing stats (primary/stamina) on the white 235 base legendary item and wanting me to equip it over lower ilvl items. There are no stats on the base item.

It seems that in the game data (extracted from the client), there actually are stats on those items. I can add something to make it ignore the stats until you turn it into a legendary though.

If you could provide a support snapshot, that would help. Press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then click Create Support Post, and follow the instructions.

Well I made the base 190 legendary and now it doesn’t want me to use the 235 base item. I guess I can try to exclude the 190 and see if it recommends to equip it again. I’ll try it and see if I can get a snapshot for you.