BiB comparison for items not yet obtained

I love AMR for optimization, however, I’d love to be able to more easily compare items and especially item sets that I haven’t obtained yet.

Ex: in ZG a single fist weapon (from Primal Blessing set) isn’t showing as an upgrade, but what about the set? I might want to collect them if the set is an upgrade even if each individual piece is not. And if the set isn’t an upgrade, there isn’t a point using soft res on it or taking loot from other people who might want it.

I realized I can do exactly this if I can modify the import string so the optimizer thinks that I have the pieces I want to compare in my bags. It’s just a string, it doesn’t actually know or care if I have the items. Then I would be able to compare what I have to a completed set (like Primal Blessing).

So my question is this: is it possible to modify the input string to include items that I don’t actually have? Same question asked a different way if none of that made sense: what format is the input string / does it use item ids from classic.wowhead or something else to import what items you have into the website?