BiB doesn't show legendary

Best in Bags is not showing my Frenzied Monstrosity legs after the update. I think Blizz changed something with the name or ID. (Actually it’s also not showing my tank legendary either, now that I look)

Export string:

It’s not showing any of my leggos. I thought at first it was removing the ones in the new Dominance Armor slots, but it’s not just those.

I’ll take a look at why they aren’t importing… something must have changed in the bonus IDs they’re using.

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i have the issue on my prot warrior as well not showing my feet 225 legendary boots

We just posted an update that should resolve this issue. You will need to get version 105 or later of the in-game addon. You can get it directly from here:

Or you can get it from curseforge (and whatever client you use to manage your addons from there). Note that I just uploaded it to curseforge, so it might not show up in addon managers for a little bit.