BiB impossible trait combination

BiB is asking me to pick a Retribution trait (Light’s Decree) while in Holy spec for a head item.

I think this is incorrect as I have not come across a single instance before where I have to go into another spec and pick traits there and then come back to Holy to finish them off - I don’t even know if that will work.

Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Thanks, A.

Not a bug, the 5 sec duration increase functions in holy. It’s actually a really good trait wowheads guide mentions having one as does many others.

The problem is I can’t select it in Holy spec and when I select it via going into Ret, then back to Holy the tooltip says “Requires Retribution Specialization”, in red, on the head item. Thus the implication is it doesn’t work in Holy.

You could test it yourself to see if it is working.

Despite the UI indicating that it only works in retribution spec, is does indeed give you the extended duration in all paladin specs.

What that Trait actually requires is for you to spec. into Retribution to choose it, then go back to Holy to do the rest… it does work; I’ve had to do the same for my Prot. Paladin.

I’m not that knowledgeable about holy.

Ok thanks all - intended as working. Maybe AskMrRobot could add a little tooltip to make it clearer to others they need to switch to get that hybrid trait in.

To test it you’d just cast Avenging Wrath and time how long the buff lasts, then put the item with the trait on and time it again.
You could use a stopwatch or just count how many casts you could get.