BiB - minimum gear requirements met; pls. don't advise downgrade

Hi, all

By way of example, feel free to use Chobneez@EU-Terokkar (as this is the character affected by this question).

Down to details - is there any way to get BiB to acknowledge that any gems/enchants on gear that are better than the criteria set in the spec’n settings? If I set green quality gems & a piece has a blue quality, can AMR ‘accept’ that the minimum is in place & not recommend to downgrade to a green…?

On the face of it it IS a simple question, even if it has taken more than a dozen words to ask it… :slight_smile:

Thanks, in advance…

I think it only recommends the downgrade if it changes it to a different stat… Do you see it recommending a lower quality of the same stat?

If you want to keep your current gems in, you can always lock them in by clicking on the gem and picking it from the list to lock it in.

This… I have a JC to cut gems, so I had a spare ‘better’ gem & used that (as it exceeded the norm. for that character).

I get the ‘locking in’ part, but is there a way/are there plans to code enchants/gems to acknowledge ‘minimum requirements met’, or does enchanting/gemming fall into a lesser level of recommendation…?

There is already code to avoid downgrading the same type of gem, but apparently it’s not totally working. Could you post your character and let us know what stat weights you are using?