BiB not matching Sim result

I did a big combo sim as I wanted to see where the different covenants lay relative to each other and how the conduits rank.
While looking at the results I noticed it has double potency conduit as highest but that isn’t what BiB picks. If I change the path it says I’ll do 4.08% less, which is quite a lot.
A quick sanity check on the two options confirms the batch sim.
5,793 DPS BiB default
5,867 DPS BiB changed soulbind path

Just wondering if you needed to make any tweaks to the optimiser for this @yellowfive?
Currently a spot check has them within 4dps of each other but I did notice there was a new version of the simulator, not sure if that has anything to do with this result.
A small batch sim indicates my luck is poor for conduit upgrades. It could have been worse though, at least they were DPS ones.

Is there a way we can include a checkbox for Niya’s Tools: Poison?
I suspect it’s quite decent in M+ but I don’t think interrupting is something included in the script. Also as targets tend to move more so they aren’t always standing in her Burrs.
Have you put any thought towards interrupts in the M+ script @Swol?

It would be nice to be able to indicate how often we expect to interrupt something in the BiB setup. Currently I’m working on mythic Council of Blood and there is an important interrupt on that fight. Of course it isn’t always your main target so the damage in some situations will be irrelevant.

A couple of other BiB options which would be nice are for the trinkets, I think there are three which benefit having multiple people using them.
Stone Legion Heraldry
Memory of Past Sins
Cabalist’s Hymnal
They all have TODO notes in the wiki.

Interrupts having throughput value have been around for a while… Sephuz, DH, etc. Right now I don’t have plans to do much with it in the simulator. The value is so situational.

If you want to simulate it for science, you could add a spell for the interrupt, give it a cool down you think is appropriate, and add triggers on effects it matters for. That was my rough plan if I ever decided to go there.

I remember doing that to get a better idea of what Sephuz would give me back in Legion, I guess I’ll poke it again.

I see so many people playing Night Fae and Niya is often the soulbind of choice, so I thought I’d bring up trying to model it. Being situational does make it hard, hence my bringing up an option in BiB setup.
I’ve got no idea how much more data would be needed to make that work though.

Niya is so popular because of niya’s tools: burrs for most specs – it’s a very strong soulbind trait, especially for tank DPS.