BIB Optimizer gets "stuck" with bad combination?

Recently this happened to me and also happened a friend today. The gear being recommended by BiB is clearly not the optimal choice (ex, it gives you an item with lots of haste while haste is listed as “you need less of”). To fix it you have to take off all your current gear to be “naked” and export that and then it will finally pick up all the correct gear ending with a better overall setup. I guess this happens because it tries to keep your currently equipped gear as a higher priority but honestly this seems to bug out a lot for me since 8.3.

What are your thoughts on this? Is the gear it recommends when it goes into one of these deadlocks still “good enough” statistically speaking and I’m being too picky?

I’d have to see the exact case to tell you what is going on. I’d guess it is something to do with your gem/enchant and/or azerite threshold settings. You can use the help link above the gear table to generate a snapshot id that you can post here if you need someone to take a closer look.