BiB Problem Help

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So, I used BiB to generate my new set. New corruptions on, etc. I imported it in-game and set up my gear as it requested. Then I wanted to double check things and imported it back to the website, re-run on BiB and it changes things. Negatively.

It’s trying to pick up Heart of Darkness, which BiB took off because my corruption drops below 25, but it doesn’t add anything more to corruption, so it’s a dead trait. It gave a good answer prior to this, then it’s trying to lower my HPS by doing…

Looks like maybe something going on with the custom azerite rules running into a conflict… I can take a look.

For now, just remove your custom azerite rules, it will do what you want without them.

If I remove the Custom rules, it tries to put on some 445 Shoulders. Which brings another question: The rules are only saying to give me 1 Overflowing, sacrifice up to 15 ilvl, and 1 Sprouting, sacrifice up to 15 ilvl.

The shoulders it puts on are still respecting those rules, with a +1.17% HPS, but it couldn’t find that solution until those rules were removed.

Best in Bags is not an exhaustive search of every possible combination of things. With azerite, corruption, stats, essences, etc… it is a huge solution space. The goal of the optimizer is to find you something very close to the best solution, every time.

To guarantee that no other combination of gear could possibly score better would not be feasible. The addition of customization options makes the problem significantly more complicated still, as custom rules are competing with the scoring function for priority.

This case does seem a little strange which is why I’m looking into it, but in general it’s possible that a setup with customization rules could arrive at a different solution than a setup without customization rules. They should be close though. Once you get down to these tiny differences, it really is just personal preference that is the deciding factor. Nobody will be able to prove to you that one result is better than the other.