BiB set-up; remove spec. from Optimiser

Once you’ve added a spec. into the mix, for a character, is there a way to ‘take it out of the equation’ (in the same was as never having added it in the first place)…? The way I see it: if it’s on the list - all three listed & the lowest priority at the bottom - it gets factored in - if I’d never added it to the list, what difference does it make to how the optimisation is calculated?

As far as I know - no, you can’t remove a spec.

It only impacts your lower prioritized specs. Spec #1 will always get the best gear. Spec #2 will not grab a gear piece from #1 if #2 needs to replace that piece with another gem/enchant to be better - then Mr. Robot instead looks for another piece of gear that #1 doesn’t use. Same with Spec #3, but it looks out for both #1 and #2.

Did any of that made sense? :slight_smile:

Yep, it does. Kinda what I thought, anyway… thanks.