BiB suggests worse enchants


BiB is suggesting I replace my rank 3 ring enchants with rank 2. Yes, I do have the setting for enchants set at rank 2 enchants. Shouldn’t it ignore that if they are better?

This seems to be intermittent as I now have it only suggesting replacing my better chest enchant.


Seems to change from one to the other at times. For what reasons is a mystery. I am using custom secondary distributions.

I’ve just had my BiB recommend I replace my Waking Stats 2 (127 Int) with Reserve of Intellect (111 Int and mana pool increase) As a demonology warlock, I don’t have any mana issues, so I want to be taking the higher int enchantment every time.

As Warlock you also get recommended to use Temporal Spellthred istead of Frozen one. Mr. Robot must think we have serious mana problems ^^

@raukonaur Could you provide a snapshot where this is happening? With that we can test it. edit: nvm I found the issue – looks like our last update parsed the stats incorrectly on the waking stats enchant. We’ll do an update later today that will resolve the issue.

@mrunderwonder I’ll take a look at adding protection for the case where your settings don’t really make sense with your actual enchants.

@deamonheart Your issue is unrelated and your assumption is incorrect – right now we don’t give any value to the +mana or +stamina effect for a warlock, so it just picks the first one in the list since they are otherwise identical. We can probably make it favor the stamina one though.

We just posted an update that should resolve most of these enchant issues.


Still happening for me. Odd that it would have anything to do with my settings as it even does it for speed enchants. I guess I’m maybe confused. I thought the drop down was a minimum level of the enchants. Above that setting I would guess it would be ok with it.

I’ll take another look at it… in previous expansions it was a lot harder to provide conflicting options to the optimizer. I’ll have to add some more protections against users choosing settings that indicate they want to downgrade their enchants.

In the meantime, you can lock the better quality enchants on the items that you already put them on, or raise the threshold, or exclude the lower quality ones.

Yellow, I’m not seeing a way to exclude the enchants. I click on the enchant slot, but I don’t see an icon to exclude them. Also, could there be a way added to remove and lock an enchant? I would like to remove the weapon enchant and just lock it but when I remove the enchant it won’t let me lock it without and optimize.

I guess we don’t have an exclude option on retail for enchants, we added it for classic. Maybe we can add it for retail… but I don’t think it will get much use.

We probably will not support locking a blank enchant, sorry about that.