BIB using erroneous values for gems

When I use BIB (and gear select), and set the gems to epic, rare, unknown, etc., Mr. Robot chooses the correct gems for my spec (in this case haste for a feral druid with correct Wowhead item numbers), but list the stat values as much higher than the gems actually are:

Quick Golden Beryl at + 30 Haste, when its actual value is currently +7 Haste.

These high numbers are then being used in the stat calculations (verified by deleting the gems).

I’m sitting on more than a few Quick Goldern Beryl and in-game they display as +30 Haste.

I’d guess that Wowhead is currently wrong about it.

They scale with player level I believe… I’ll look into it.

For the record, this would only apply to player levels 110 and lower. Once you hit level 111, all the gems go up to +30, +40, etc.

Thanks that is very helpful (couldn’t find that information anywhere else I looked).