BiB's not identifying weapons, reverting back to old artifacts

This has been happening since Dragonflight. BiB’s ignores what I have equipped entirely. If I try to lock the one weapon, it suggests blanks. I’ve cleared all set ups to just one. I’ve waited a while figuring it was a bug since launch or something, but any help appreciated.

I get this as BiB from the Snapshot you provided; what Weapons are being ignored, please?

Hi There, thanks for the reply. This is for my Enhancement Shaman. Here is a screenshot of what I am getting:

I will list the other weapons in a follow up post, as it seems i cannot embed more than one image as a new user.

Here is the first weapon it is ignoring:

and the second:

Additionally if I try to force it to use it, it only lists one of the weapons:
and if I do for it, it suggests blanks, like it doesn’t recognise it at all.

This is one of those cases where you don’t have two agility weapons, so it is unable to find a 2-weapon combo to equip. It is rarely optimal to use weapons that don’t have your primary stat. In this case it would be more optimal, but it’s a stretch to call it “optimizing” when you don’t have at least generally appropriate gear.

Once you get another agility weapon the issue will resolve itself (and you’ll do a lot more damage!)

thank you, after posting all that, I figured it was something to do with that offhand weapon I was using, if only I had more luck :slight_smile: