BIS just doesn't work

I have had the same problem now for a while, regardless of gear changes: I click Best in Slot, AMR just shows me BIB, removed setups, cleared cache and cookies etc., etc. Anyone know the secret to getting this to work now :stuck_out_tongue: ?

I have never encountered anything like this before… Best in Slot is a totally separate section of the web page from best in bag. If you scroll down to where it says Best in Slot… you should be able to use it.

I’m having almost the same issue except 1 item (chest) is being downgraded so that my dps is -3% (single) -1.02 (aoe) (and the gear does not change between the two) ; even tho my ilvl isn’t changing (except by a fraction of like .2). I have the ilvl in setup set to 415 min and max 450. I would think I would get at least some of the expulsium (delpeteds and specific 415 pieces) shown as bis.

hello new here. my bis is telling to take off Knot of ancient fury heroic level 400 and replace it with the exact same piece but not heroic level and stats are identical except heroic added to it.

Do you have the mythic+ azerite level set to 415?

If you look at tooltip, do they have the same ID and bonus IDs (in small text at the bottom of tooltip on our site), or are they a little different?