Boss profile for Huntsman Altimor

Is there a breakdown for what the simulator profiles mean?

Are they relevant?

Some of the fights i dont really remember such as taloc heroic so it doesnt mean anything to me

I’m looking to sim my affl warlock on 2 target cleave with the intention of keeping 3 STACKS of shadow embrace up on two targets with the conduit that boosts shadow embrace dmg. would the simulation be capable of showing me that?


(edit i was on page 3 of the simulation and the ranged 2 target option if cut out. clicked next and i can see the option clearly on step 4! Sorry!!)

Yeah, I added 2, 3, 4, 5 target dummy scripts for testing purposes.

I am going to make more boss scripts for the simulator based off of the current raid tier, but I’ll need some more time to do those.