Bug: Argus World Boss Loot listed as Timewalking

Crown of Burning Resolve (wowhead.com/item=152376) Plate Head
is mistakenly (?) listed as a Timewalking Drop with only 900 Item Level available.
The origin is Argus World Boss Matron Folnuna (wowhead.com/npc=124514)

I don’t know if this is an database issue - as wowhead.com displays items from World Bosses (in normal mode) 860 ilvl, even if there isn’t any normal mode for Argus World Bosses. But it seems these items are marked as LFR, since the last column in wowheads loot table only shows Personal Loot with LFR Mode enabled. (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=124514/matron-folnuna#drops:mode=lfr)

Problem is I cannot compare the crown (usually 930) without equipping it manually and choosing my former Head in the list.


I’ll take a look… seems that a couple items on wowdb (where we get most of our item data) got flagged as dropping from the wrong boss.