BUG: Conduits at 59 Renown sim higher than 80 Renown

Today I found another bug:

  1. Go to Simulate
  2. Go to Test Combinations
  3. Load a Generic Character. In my case, I loaded a Windwalker Monk
  4. Open up Player, you’ll see Renown is set to 59
  5. Open up Soulbind, set several of the potency conduits to 15
  6. Set Settings to Mythic+

  1. Simulate

The result here shows the Monk deals 17,531 dps at Renown 59, with level 15 conduits.

If we then repeat the exact same, except now: we change the Renown level to 80. Let’s see what happens:

We can now see, the DPS has decreased to 14,936. The only thing that’s changed is the Renown level. So, why would increasing the Renown level, reduce the DPS from the simulator?

As a follow-up question: which result is accurate?

I have simmed a few characters at Renown 59, and had 22k dps. Then when I sim it on Renown 80, it decreases down to 17.5k. Which do I believe? Do I believe the 22k dps at renown 59, or the 17.5k dps at renown 80?

I can put this on the list to look at, but it is a low priority because you can work around the issue. You can’t actually get a rank 15 conduit in-game. When setting renown to 80, the enhanced conduit slots then push it up to rank 17, which is not valid, and puts the simulator into a weird state.

Limit your conduits to an obtainable item level and you can avoid the issue. I’ll see if I can put something in to limit the UI to just ranks that you can get (can’t remember if 278 or 291 is the highest obtainable ilvl right now).

Ohh, that’s my mistake then sorry.

I didn’t know that Rank 15 wasn’t obtainable, I thought that was the highest rank you could put the conduits.

So I’m guessing you need to put the Conduit rank at level 11, which will push it to level 13 with the renown?


I was trying to think why I thought Rank 15 was the highest level conduit, and I just realised!

On your optimise section, if you go down to Best in Slot, when you select the Conduit Rank, it lists Conduit rank 15.

That’s why I got confused. If there’s no such thing as 15, then that should probably get removed as well as I was thinking that was the max rank.

Also, on the Simulator, when you select the soulbind conduits, why can you go up to rank 15, if the highest level conduit you can pick is only rank 11, that is then pushed up to 13. After rank 15, it then resets back to 0, so one could reasonably assume that rank 15 is the max rank, especially with it showing up as that in Best in Slot.

The raw game data extracted from the game client has 15 ranks, so we just put in all the ranks to let people play around with it. Then they added on the enhanced conduit slot thing, and we didn’t go back and limit the ranks on the UI to keep it compatible.

can’t remember if 278 or 291 is the highest obtainable ilvl right now

278 for 3k m+ rating or mythic jailer kill

Thanks – so that would be rank 11 (and an empowered conduit slot brings it up to rank 13). I’ll try to put a limit on that in the next update.