Bug: Ring enchant on feet

Snapshot: a204c2639d244f30ad0e177ea3f75784

Greaves of Acid Resistance — Tenet of Critical Strike

It comes back with a crash notification when I click on the feet or on the enchant.

I’m Necro Arms Warrior but I selected Kyrian at the setup screen for Multi-target.

It looks like somehow your data got out of sync… a bad lock got saved. There is some sequence of events that causes this to happen on rare occasions, but we have never been able to reproduce it because we only see it maybe once a year.

Go to your Protection DPS setup, and unlock the Greaves of Acid Resistance that somehow got locked into the finger 2 slot. That should resolve the issue. I’ll take another stab at figuring out what could cause this to happen in the first place.