BUG: Upgreade Finder suggests Item I already have

I import a string, I can provide a pastebin if needed, the Website tells me, I have the Grimm Shoulders,but the Find Upgrades tells me to roll on Shivaras for the Shoulders, same ite!


I have the same effekt with Diabolic Helmet: Heroic 935 - Titanforged in Bag

Upgrade finder suggests to Bonus Roll for the same Item normal HC on Position 3, that cant be !

If you can give me your addon export string, that would help out, then I can try to reproduce it. Sometimes the “set bonus lookahead” option can cause this to happen, or sometimes, not running best-in-bags before the upgrade finder and/or not having the best-in-bags gear equipped.

Here: https://pastebin.com/iYZ048kH

Disabled the Tier bonus Look ahead and they vanished