Bug when optimizing

Cannot load gear strategy?

I’m getting the same error. I was changing specs on the site when I was finally able to get it to accept the input from the addon but now I get the same error when trying to export.

Ok, I was able to get it working. I’m not sure exactly what fixed it but here’s what I did:

-Download the addon from askmrrobot.com
-Delete the old addon completely from the Interface folder
-Delete the Cache and WTF folders after backing up the settings for my other addons
-Unpacked the newly downloaded AMR addon into the Interface folder
-Logged in, opened my bags and bank
-Reran the optimaizer

After doing those things everything worked.

That bug has happened a few times. Usually it is because a certain talent ended up with no data for some reason. I will check it out.

Getting the same error here.

If you choose a talent other than arctic gale for single target optimization, you can get around the error for the time being. I’m looking into it.