Bugged gear import? Best in Bags showing bogus items

Snapshot id 6a32af098ac349b8b581ad1bfb244813

When I do a “Best in Bags” search it suggests a bogus level 1 chest item named “Sparks of Unwavering Strength” and a level 120 feet named “Encrypted Ny’alothan Text”. The tool’s been working for me until yesterday, I’m guessing I got some loot that is confusing the item importer somehow? Some of the other tools are giving me bogus results too, but nothing this obviously broken.

Things like this can usually be cleared up by doing the following:

  1. Go in-game, and make sure the AMR addon windows is closed.
  2. Go to your bank, leave it open for 1 or 2 seconds – that’s enough time for our addon to scan it.
  3. Using the in-game talent UI, activate each of your specs once.
  4. Open the AMR addon window and export as usual.

This will reset all cached data in the addon.

Then on the website, after optimizing, press UNLOCK ALL at the bottom-right of the gear table, then re-optimize. That will ensure that a lock that somehow got out of sync isn’t causing the problem.

Then you can redo your locks and settings as you see fit – everything should be in sync again.

Thank you; the unlock all step at the end of your note fixed it. I think you’re right, somehow a bogus bit of data got locked and confused everything. (I use locks a lot; I’m at the “sacrificed 0.3% HPS to boost my ilvl so nerds will invite me” state of gear optimization.)