Can I compare stats across crafted gear?

AMR recommends double stats on crafted gear, such as “of the Impatient”, which is double haste. But those items are quite hard to get hold of.

If I someday get hold of an “of the Impatient” item, I’ll surely upgrade it, but till then I’d prefer be realistic and try to acquire the best item with common stat types. So it’d be great if I could compare each of the types (such as “of the Fireflash”) so that I can decide which to invest my Obliterum in. Or whether they’re worth the effort at all.

Is this currently possible?

Aha, I just discovered the arrow on the side of the Best In Slot options, that lets you configure each item. Great!

There is also a setting to control the random variants it chooses. Click the filter/funnel icon in the top-middle of page, in the main toolbar. Under “Other Filters” is a “Random Variant Mode” option. There are three options:

Any - allow any variant
Exclude Single Stat - don’t allow variants with a single secondary stat
Only Two Equal Stats - only choose variants with two secondary stats, and equal amounts of those stats

Most crafted items have 46 variations. The chance of getting e.g. a crit/haste variation is 7 out of 46. Those 7 variations range from low crit/high haste to high crit/low haste.

You have a 1 in 46 chance of getting the single-stat variants.

If you choose the “only two equal stats” option, that is a decent option to sort of approximate how valuable any crafted item you might get would be.

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