Can I create my own little simulation cluster?


Is there anyway I can login via the client on multiple computers and have it run my simulations? (not the global network- just my own).

If so, how do I set that up? :smiley:
All the best.

You can start a client on as many machines as you want, and it will automatically distribute simulations across all of them. All you have to do is log in on the same account.

You do need a premium account to connect multiple clients at the same time though – it takes a bit of extra bandwidth/etc. to coordinate distributed simulations, so it’s a premium feature.

That’s honestly what I thought.
I did that, but to be fair I only gave it like 1 minute before i dismissed it as not working.

On reflection I need to let it setup ‘chunks’ to pass along… /doh.
Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem – yeah any of the “custom batch” type simulations or the “gearing strategy” type simulation will divide it into chunks and distribute it in parallel across all of your clients. Single run simulations will just go to the first client that happens to grab it.