Can i lock a single piece of gear and build a best in bag around that?

i see the option to build a best in bag around pairs of legendaries, but i’m really looking to lock a single legendary and go from there. i’ve looked around for a way to do this, but i’m coming up empty. thx.

After doing best-in-bags, first click “unlock all” at the top of the table. Then click on the item it picks in the slot of interest. That will bring up a list of all items that you own for that slot. Choose the legendary you want, and it should appear with a dotted line around it, which indicates that the optimizer won’t change that item. Then save and update – it will optimize around any locked items.

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follow up, can i blacklist an item somehow? or should i bury it in a bag in the bank and not open that bag when i use the addon updater?

A blacklist is something we plan to add in a future update, probably with the BfA site updates we’re working on.

You can’t really hide items from the addon… not easily anyway. It will scan all of your bank bags whenever you open your bank. You could disable the addon, put it in void storage, then re-enable it… then not open your void storage when the addon is enabled (or else it will scan that and find the item again).

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