Cant choose the Bosses for BiS in Classic?

I am about done with Leveling my Druid in Classic and now i wanted to see what stuff i should get.
But for some reason i cant Setup the Bosses. I checked all the things i can/want to do before i go MC/BWL. Like Dungeons and Quests and ZulGurub. But when i click on “Find Best in Slot” it just gives me the List with all Dungeons and Raids and such.
It works fine for the Retail List but not for Classic. Am i doing something wrong?

Use the help link above the gear table and create a snapshot id using the support post button. With that we can see your settings and what you are trying to do.

It might be obvious once we see that, but you could also let us know an item that you are seeing which you believe shouldn’t show up with your settings.

If you are talking about the per-slot lists, those show everything. The options in the setup step will limit what Best in Slot can choose while optimizing, but don’t hide them in that list. We do it like that so you can compare to any available item, even ones that weren’t allowed to be chosen when calculating the solution.