Cant switch into Enhance, Can't switch into Restoration


Will let me switch out and in to Enhance + Gear, It will change my spec to Restoration but fails to equip all gear with a LUA error.


My Import string

My Export string

THank you, for any help. Probably user error.

This addon update will activate the talents for your setup automatically… wonder if there’s some edge case that we didn’t test, for example maybe you don’t have talents selected for restoration on the website? I can try to put in a check for that.

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Both Enhance and Restoration are fully fledged geared, and specd; I don’t like elemental, will never like it, or will ever be convinced to play it. So it never gets touched. Elemental not being configured could maybe be the issue?

What ever you need let me know. AMR is a valuable tool for juggling two full main specs on a single toon.

I was in my Venthyr sanctum, for the zone.

Also I see now it is trying to override my Choice of General Draven to Theotar, maybe that’s has something to do with it? I’ll try manually configuring Draven after I get my kids in bed.

A snapshot of your setup would be helpful. Press the “help” link next to the big “Best in Bags” section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here.

Do you only get the error switching to your restoration spec?


Yeah the issue is what I suspected: you have no talents selected on the website for your restoration or elemental specs. On the “Set Up Best in Bags” tab, make sure to choose some talents. This will also give you a better optimization tailored to the talents that you have chosen.

IS this New behavior for the site? I been using this since the dawn of the service lol. Usually it auto imported what I have configured on my toon. Right from the import string. I will give that a shot tough seems like a simple solution.

Now to figure out Why it wants Theotar, I know he looks good on paper, but in actual use Human behavior (other raiders) make him not so useful. Heavenly rainfall is nice, but getting people to stand in it is another challenge. The playstyle I use relies more on timing All healing around Cloudburst management and pre loading.

Token of appreciation is nice (on paper) but in raid, healers are already healing them selves to the point of topping charts as top most person healed. There is a lot of passive, leech type spells in the game.

Even the Chain harvest vs. Heavely rainfall conduit, Chain harvest really comes in handy to quickly charge a CB totem. It also hits hard.

(You can see the theme here, almost everything I do is tied to keeping an eye on where CB totem is at and when to pop it)

Let me give your suggestion a shot.

Switching talents in the addon is new with version 99+. Choosing your talents on your setup has been the behavior since the start of BfA I believe. Whenever we added the ability to have multiple setups per spec, it became a necessity – you will almost always want to optimize for different talents for each setup, so if it kept overwriting them every time you import, it would get irritating.

As for the soulbind – if you prefer to use a different one, you can lock it in. Click anywhere on the row of icons for the suggested soulbinds to bring up the full tree. Then you can lock in any soulbind and path through that soulbind and conduits that you want.

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It sounds like your group should swap a healer to damage. :wink:

The simulated data BiB is using for recommendations is based on a hard fight, think progression vs farm. Once you’ve passed that point the healer with the best ping/reactions and highest haste will win your, pointless, meter whoring!

I don’t play a shaman but looking at the soulbind choices I’m guessing it’s gone for Token of Appreciation because it’s the path with two potency conduits and if you’ve chosen that and have the renown you may as well take it!