Caster weapons got wrong % upgrade


I don’t think this was there before, happened just now after some of your patches.

while ignoring stamina
Nathrezim Mindblade +1.09 upgrade (+3extra INT)
Bloodmaw Magus-Blade +0.39 upgrade (+2extra SP)

values from icy veins for shadow destro lock in ideal group is:

  • 1 Spell Power= .991 DPS
  • 1 Intellect = .261 Spell Power

This seems so different in value that Bloowdmaw should (and does in any bis list I checked) rank above Mindblade

A difference is also in weapon DPS. Does the AMR counts the spell caster melee weaving trick into the calculations? Otherwise, I’m not sure why is this happening

There is no consideration of melee stats on weapons for warlocks.

Those two items look very similar to me - the only difference is mindblade having +3 int and -2 crit rating. Very small differences - they have the same spell power.

The different caps you are forcing with the customize section can make the rankings change up - it becomes harder to rank each item because there is a bit of ambiguity in the score once you force a certain stat to be higher than the scoring function would normally score it. Since it is forced to use lower score setups to achieve your constraints, it becomes difficult.

We’ll take a look at it over this week and see if we can stop the estimates from diverging more than expected.

Also - I’ve posted this in a number of threads now: if you are a shadow destro lock, you really should take the 5 points out of emberstorm and put them into cataclysm. Having the points in emberstorm makes it more optimal to use incinerate.

And on your recommendation I did change talents in game, I figured with next export it will switch on the webpage as well, my bad ^^

I understand that, but since draenei shaman spell hit aura (inspiring presence isn’t it?) isn’t in the raid buffs I’m forced to manually make two sets for 16% and 15%. We don’t have ele shaman atm so no Totem of Wrath but we’re still benefiting from having resto shaman in group and this is the kind of stuff I’m using amr for :slight_smile: Am I missing something here?

We added Inspiring Presence today - it’s showing up in the raid debuffs section right now, it needs to get moved to the buffs section but it is there.