Changing spec through the addon moves minimap

Any idea why changing spec through the addon moves the minimap and how to fix?

Our addon certainly does not have code to move the minimap.

Could it be the new UI layouts that Blizzard supports? Do you have a separate layout saved for each spec?

Im using ElvUI, each spec has the same UI configuration. I thought it was odd as well but it only occurs when changing spec with AMR addon activated

Weird… it moves the entire minimap? I’m not sure what would cause that to happen… does it happen every time you change specs?

That’s correct, It moves the minimap towards the center of the screen each time I change spec. The buttons under the map remain in the original location though.


Yeah I’m not sure on that one… there is no code in our addon that would ever need to move the minimap.

We use a shared library to show an icon on the minimap… but I looked through the source for it and see nothing that modifies the minimap in any way.