Character update

Quick question. Coming back to AMR after a brief exodus. I see a new interface. I used to be able to “refresh” my toon from WoW Armory. Is that not an option anymore? Thank you.

Click the dropdown menu with your character’s name and enter your server/character information, then hit the Import button.

Image for clarification:

yea this is clear , but there is no clear reason for the extra steps, i should be able to do as i used to . click on my character and a simple refresh from armory button , tada , this having to go back and fill in all the info seems unneeded and a waste of time … having to retype this info over and over … as i reset and verify changes i have made. so time consuming

Using our in-game addon is really the best way to load your character. It is very quick, and more accurate than the armory sometimes (the armory frequently has issues).