Chat spam from addon

I just updated today 2-14-2020 from Twitch the ask robot addon. With it enabled I get chat spam selling runs and also people looking for groups. With it being the ONLY addon enabled. When its off I don’t get this. Can’t even block it as its not part of a channel.

UPDATE = I just went back to Version (2/13/20 v84) from V85 and it’s not doing it anymore. Something is very wrong with V85. As I tried a fresh install of V85 and it came back

Chat spam addon


Same exactly. Only adding this so dev knows it’s happening to more than one person.


It looks like whatever is said in general gets cut off and reposted. Happening here too.


AskMrRobot\Gear.lua line 1309:

Amr:AddEventHandler("CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL", testfunc)

Directly above that on line 1301:

local function testfunc(message)
print(strsub(message, 13))

Thanks for confirming it was this addon with me. I wanted to make sure before I did my post. I’m sure its an easy fix.



Same here v85 is a little messed up


Same problem here, started with V85.
Went back to V84 for now.
i almost tought AMR was taken over by gold sellers lol

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Yeah thats what I originally thought as well ghostsand! What flatluigi said makes more sense now. See I normally turn off my trade chat and only turn on when I need it. When I first seen the messages I was like OH NO some addon was hacked.

Thanks again to everyone confirming the same issue I 'm sure the dev team will fix ASAP.

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Whoops – sorry about that. Looks like I accidentally left in a line of debugging code that we use sometimes. I’ll remove it in an updated version soon.

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I posted version 86 of the addon – should fix the issue.

The craziest thing about this bug is it’s showing me trade chat even without being in a city with trade enabled.

Version 86 fixes the issue.

If you look at it, all it does is echo back the last thing typed in chat. I use this sometimes to get item link information placed in chat when debugging. Nothing fancy going on – just 2 lines of code.