Class Guides Updated

We have posted a round of updates to the new class guides based on a lot of good feedback. Keep it coming if you have more suggestions, and let us know if you want to see specific rotation analysis tests for your spec!

Talent Comparison Tool

The “bar” on the talent comparison tool shows a different piece of data now. It shows how close the best talent combo that includes that talent can get to the best possible talent combo. e.g. for a frost DK if the best talent combo that contains Obliteration does 95% as much damage as the best combo (which probably has Breath of Sindragosa), the bar for Obliteration will be filled 95% of the way. This gives a very objective at-a-glance view of how the talents stack up. Spoiler: most talents perform very well compared to each other.

In the first version, the bar showed roughly how frequently that talent appeared in good combos. While interesting to know, we don’t think that’s the most important piece of information to take away. The most important piece of information is to see just how close most talent are to each other. There is a lot more build diversity available to players than they would expect.

We also added some better controls for adjusting the “tiers” on the talent comparison. The tiers change the color of each talent, and are meant to be adjusted to your tastes – it is a quick way for you to color-code which talents you think fall into your “acceptable” range, which are on the edge, and which are too low for you. The new pickers for those thresholds prevent silly things like setting them really low like 0.01%, or too close together.

For tanks, we have greyed out several talents when you switch to DPS rankings – talents that have no or almost no impact on your damage output. In the first version, some of these defensive-only or utility talents were being interpreted as having a potentially meaningful impact on DPS when they in fact do not. Let us know if we missed anything.

Rotation Viewer

We have made it clearer that picking a specific character only impacts the rotation viewer, not the rest of the web page.

We have also made it clearer that the default we load is just a “placeholder” really – it’s not meant to be a recommendation of which talents or azerites to use. The rotation viewer is an interactive tool, ideally meant to be used in the context of your specific character. Or at the least, you should play around with the talents/azerites on the left to see how you might need to play differently to make best use of those things.

Rotation Analysis

We have included links to the two rotations used to do the comparison in each test. This makes it easier for people to replicate and dig into each test.


It’s a really cool thing you have built. However, what about showing the stat priority, based on gear and talents for each class spec? I’d love to see something like that included. People like to use Raidbots to figure out the best stat priority for their build, hence my suggestion. Currently, I’m looking at Icy Veins for this info. It makes more sense to include stat priority in the AMR tool imo.

The main reason that we don’t show a stat priority right on the guide is that the main portion of our website is dedicated to choosing gear (Optimize and Rank Gear - Ask Mr. Robot), and it does a much better job than any simple stat priority could achieve.

If you do want to rank gear via a simple stat priority, you can use the Send to Addon feature on either Best in Bags or Gear Check to get a Pawn string (be sure to read our Pawn guide if you do want to rank gear like that, it can be convenient but has significant limitations compared to our full gear ranking technique).