Classic Warlock Gearing Strategy - Hit Undervalued?

Hey all,

I’m running a warlock main in classic and it looks like the optimizer is severely undervaluing hit for warlocks. I’m not seeing any way to gear specifically towards raid bosses which I’m guessing is the issue. Hit isn’t quite as big of a deal when it’s not a raid boss that we are fighting. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions.


As a fellow warlock who was there during the original, I know where you’re coming from. The crazy thing though (and I’ve only just come to accept this as with BWL loot hitting the streets) is it just isn’t worth it.

The thing that struck me first was my resident guild tryhard warlock had been running no hit. And this man is a top contender (among warlocks, not just my guild, but… warlocks who have parses on Classic WoW). I’ve since dug into his sources and spreadsheets, and it’s just accepted that warlocks don’t get spell hit gear.

HOWEVER - when ZG hits, getting the bloodvine gear IS good. That, and Neth’s tear (with that sweet, sweet +2% hit) is always good. But focusing on +hit isn’t actually the best DPS increase. It is, however, the biggest “feel good” increase cries in Curse of Doom resists.

The optimizer already assumes you are attacking a raid boss, just FYI.

As p2mc28 stated - getting to the hit cap isn’t as important as we thought it was back in the day, once you do the math on it.