Compare BiB between specs

Can I compare the best in bags for fury, and best in bags for arms to see which has higher dps? When doing BiB I don’t see a DPS part when doing one to see which is better

We don’t have something like that right now. You could always do some simulations to compare, but I know you’re probably looking for an easier solution than that :wink:

Thank you that makes sense, so how does best in bags work if there’s no dps output component at all that I can see?

We generate a “scoring function” based on simulation data that will score any set of gear. The “score” isn’t necessarily going to be perfectly in line with actual DPS you would see in a simulation, so we don’t show it.

We hope to be able to get to a point where the scoring function gives a number that is so close to actual DPS that we could show a rough predicted DPS for any set of gear - but we need to crank out a lot more data before that can happen.

Completely understand thanks so much. I have one more related question, when I get an output for BiB is there a way to plug that gear setup into the simulation directly?

There isn’t a one-button import for that right now (intentionally).

If you equip the gear and export from the addon, you can import that right to the simulator - but you would have to set any gems/enchants/powers that are different from your current gear.