Conflict and strife bugged?


Conflict and strife doesn’t seem to work? removing an essence and then opening the menu gives a 0.00% healing increase due to conflict and strife. I run 2x +12% versatility corruptions so I feel like I should get at least a small increase in healing from having conflict and strife up. Considering I feel like it’s almost always at 5 stacks even in raids.

Having a lv 2 conflict and strife gives me 5 stacks which actually pushes my vers from 27.4 to 34.9%

(I’m stacking vers on a holy priest since I have +24% Max vers)

I’m a little bit paranoid that my sims are incredibly off now. Because so far I’ve been skipping out on C&F because it said it’s shite. Yet I’m in a situation now where I want to drop void so I can use hearts of darkness.

IS there any way I can get conflict and strife to work? A 400/500 vers increase on a 100% uptime should probably outweigh most of the other minors I can get I feel like now that I have the +24% vers .

Looking at it - we did not have it proc’ing off of heals, as there is no indication in the spell data that it actually would proc off heal effects. A quick look through logs shows that it is actually proc’ing off heals, so I can make that change and re-rank it.

Thanks! It’s pretty much a 100% uptime in longer fights. So it’d be neat to see how it ranks.