Could not paste my equipment for the Best In Bag tools

Hello all,
Just coming back from vacation, and discover that i could not import my equipment from the in-game add-on into the web site (AMR feature).

Do i have missed something, or is there a change that i don’t see ?

Thanks to all for your help and support.

Do you mean that the string from the add-on gives you an error? Can you post the string for us if that is the case?

No i don’t see anymore the button for import script on the Web site.

When you go to the optimizer page (the Optimize link on the home page (, which takes you to, you should see three ways to load your character on the screen: AMR ADDON, RECENT CHARACTERS, ARMORY OR LOG. Paste your string into the textbox under the AMR ADDON heading.

If you do not see that, it probably went directly to your last-loaded character. In that case, either click on your character name, or click on the IMPORT FROM ADDON button to the right of your character name at the top of the web page. It will open the same options as above.