Craft items in 9.2

Heyo !

Apprently, you can add “buffs” on crafted item:

In upgrade finder i dont see any mentionned of them. So i bough the first one i found with the required stats.

But you can have variation of those item with the buff.

Apprently the buff works in raid/MM+ and some are quite big.
Like :

Could we have a ranking on those buffs please ?

Thank you !

Yeah, we were waiting a little bit to see if there were interesting optimization questions around those - or if they were self-explanatory. Was hard to get info on them up front.

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I would have to check… they were really tiny in the PTR spell data so I didn’t bother ranking them. There are only 3 of them that I think are combat relevant. They should be implemented in the simulator for you to try out.

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Thank you !
Could you add a tooltip for them here ?

edit : yeah no dont lose time on the tooltip result are really low and probably will never be use