Crafted gear not in "best in slot"

I’m not seeing the crafted engineering goggles or tailoring items in the Best In Slot tool. I have “crafted level” set to “all”, but none of them are showing up. I really want to see how the 470 items compare with other options before I spend the materials making them.

Please can you provide us with a Snapshot ID - from the Help button to the right of Best in Bags - so any assistance offered here has as much of what you’re seeing factored into it as possible?

Thank you.

Sure thing! Here you go:


For Best in Slot, we only show crafted items that you can use. You need to be a tailor to see the higher level tailoring items, and an engineer to see the goggles. You can edit your professions by clicking the “hamburger” icon next to your character name/icon in the upper-left.

You can also use the Upgrade Finder crated gear search to see all crafted gear, even for professions you don’t have.

Note that if you loaded your character from the Armory ( API), your professions will always be blank – Blizzard no longer supports reading profession information unfortunately. We recommend always using our in-game addon to load your character instead of the Armory.

Ahhhhh that solved it! Thank you. :slight_smile: