Customization feature - Difficulty level

Hi !

i was thinking about a specific “Phial of Arcane Tempest” as a Enhancement for the Boss Radiance in MM. This item will gain in value if the number of adds are present and how many time their are present for the fight.

To summary this idea, i was looking on a MM+ setting allowing us to set the number of target like “big pull kind of key” or “nice and study pulls”. Same for Raid boss; not pure single target.

We can extrapolate this difficulty to healer with a “hm setting” and “Mythic setting”. Same for raid ?
(I would love also a gearing for Healer only targeted to DPS output; this is due to the domination of dmg dealer in healer teams)

Those are probably difficult to do due to the amount of raw data.

Yeah, you’re basically talking about making a number of different scripts. We could probably look at adding more gearing strategies for more scripts and just run them on the global network kind of after a patch stabilizes.

We’d generally be fine with that in theory - we just never ended up making the scripts because not many people displayed demand for it. We could maybe test this out with 8.3 and then see what we want to do for the next expansion.