Darkmoon Deck: Immortality Issue

Darkmoon Deck ilvl 900 when imported shows up as Darkmoon Deck ilvl 885 when running Best in Bags. It does show correctly as ilvl 900 equipped.

…same here with Darkmoon Deck: Dominion.

I think that some of the bonus IDs changed from PTR to live build, I’m working on downloading new data, and will do an update in the morning when it completes.

Can you give this another try? There was a website update pushed recently that might have fixed this.

I scanned for new data, didn’t fix it… will need to look at crafted items more closely.

Same with Promises. Saying what I have is 835 and not the 900 that it actually is.

I originally reported the problem I saw with my monk where the item equipped is
128711, bonus ids: 601, 679, 689
and the item export from the addon is
128711, bonus ids, 601, 689, 3608

Last night I did a best in bags on my DH who also has a 900 Darkmoon Deck: Immortality and the issue was not present. Both equipped and best in bags showed the ilvl 900 version.

I then tried to do another export/import with the monk and the problem still persists. I don’t know if this is relevant but thought it may help debug the issue

In another thread I suggested refreshing your addon data – has anyone tried that to see if it clears up the problem? By that I mean:

Go in-game, and open your bank at least once, activate each spec at least once, then export again? Does that take care of it? Seems like two different versions of the item are cached in some players’ item data.

Refreshing add on data did not work:
I activated all 3 specs…opened the bank…re-exported into the website and it still shows and 885 in bags and a 900 equipped.

Could you post your addon export? Then I can give it a try.

Consolidating these all to one thread for this issue: Item Problem in BiB