Delete a setup in best in bags and update finder view

I have two entries for Guardian, why and how can I delete one?

Huh that’s weird, not sure how that would have happened…

There is no way to delete a setup right now, but if you configure them the same, it shouldn’t have any impact.

We are almost done with the feature that allows users to create multiple setups per spec, and when that goes live, you should be able to delete the duplicate. I don’t have an exact time estimate, but it will be soon, probably sometime next week.

Would what I call a ‘naked reset’ help in this instance?
How it works:

  1. Strip your character of all gear, save Heart of Azeroth.
  2. Go into saved sets, in Character window & delete all saved sets of gear - work with me…
  3. Export resulting data-string here & re-run BiB.
  4. If that results in one set of gear per spec., problem solved; re-export to game & ‘resume regular schedule’.


I’ve managed to do the same, was switching furiously setups :see_no_evil: and dang 2 times Demo


Has this been implemented? I’m having this issue right now.

Yes, you can delete setups with the trash can icon next to it.