Destro Warlock Wrong gems and talents

So I ordered a Mrrobot sub thinking this is a perfect set up. I optimized my destro lock to the Mrrobot site specs, including crit chants and gems. So replaced all mastery I had stacked up, ran a raid last night and lost a whole Lot of Dps. Icyveins is what I used before for enchant, gems and azerite talents and it had me using mastery.The same is stated with wowhead, mastery gems and chants. So is askmrrobot not current? Did I just waste 12 bucks for a subscription? Please Help!!

You need to include the data from your addon export, just paste the data into a forum post.
Using the Hide Details option will keep the post looking tidy, you get it by clicking the cog/gear icon just above the editor box, it’s the right hand option.
With your addon export we can see what you’re seeing

Have you set up multiple choices yet or just the default single target option?
Did you have a look at the Tutorial which is linked just to the right of the Best in Bags header on the web page?

Post your export string from the addon and we’ll take a look. Also keep in mind that your damage could have been lower in the raid for a lot of unrelated factors, but with your addon string we can make sure that the optimizer is working correctly.