[DISC priest] Problem with gearing strategy result

I have a problem with a gearing strategy simulation for my DISC priest. The simulation time take more that one day and the result is very weird.

It’s run with the Single target script and it’s the rotation used for the simulation: Rotation

It’s a DPS rotation only my goal is to generate a gearing strategy for max DPS gear.

I have used this rotation for a simulation with the mythic+ script and do not encounter any problem the simulation take some time but only few hour and the result is consistent.

I don’t now if it’s a bug of the Single target script or if i miss some configuration.

Item level seems to be the issue here. It kinda seems like it is telling you that any stats at your ilvl is going to be good, because you don’t have enough of any stats to make a significant difference. Try changing the chart to higher ilvl player average and see if that gives you a red range? Also I’m assuming you are trying to purely dps here? With that assumption in mind, you have to remember that, for pure dps as a disc, there really isnt a negative ground anywhere. you can pick any stats and do fairly decent since the disc abilities have no modifiers(such as a crit cap for dmg or a haste cap which would be unreachable at 330 gear) or preferences in stats. the point here is to pure dps you need to pick one stat and stack it. without a significant reason to choose you really cant go wrong except obviously dont stack mastery.
Also i may not be accurate here but even using your “dps” rotation the chart is still based on iterations calculated from all disc priests, so healing is going to be involved regardless of your “rotation” in terms of comparable stats. Might be something to look further into?

The chart don’t change regardless the iLevel selected:

Item level selection up to only 360:

The simulation with the mythic+ script and DPS rotation is more consistent and Iteml level selection up to 400.

Sorry for the flood I can only post one image by reply :wink:

That is a very odd result indeed… I haven’t tried making a dps gearing strat for a healer yet, I’ll have to check it out and see what’s up.