DK SingleTarget sim rotation might be missing SuddenDoom


If I understand this list correctly, in the picture above, SuddenDoom condition should be under “7
Death Coil” part?

I don’t see SuddenDoom being checked anywhere else in the SingleTarget section either.

The rotation doesn’t need to check specifically if you have sudden doom. Prioritizing sudden doom procs over other actions does not increase DPS, it actually ends up slightly reducing DPS.

I just tried adding SuddenDoom in and you’re right, its actually a slight DPS loss if I use Death Coil on SuddenDoom proc.

But what suprised me was the Use count of Death Coil in both rotation is almost the same. On AMR Rotation its around 59-62, and if I use Death Coil on proc its only 1-2 more than AMR Rotation.

I guess that means SuddenDoom procs are not wasted, its just being used at different times.

Thank you so much, I’ll have more faith in AMR suggestions from now on :smile:

Yeah, in general runes are used up aggressively, so the rotation is often falling through to the death coil action at the bottom. A sudden doom proc won’t sit around un-used very often, and if it does, only for a GCD or two.