DK Spirit Drain

Firstly, Snapshot: 36850dd125e34b90a7620b0fbcadb503

I have the gearing Strategies in the order I want. I made sure the only one that is checked for being able to Respec my Conduits is the Top one. It wants me to change my Theotar from a Finese Conduit into a Defensive Conduit (Double Venthyr jump vs Break Snares/Root; neither of which are impactful), but having Spirit Drain for free RP is definitely a DPS increase over a Defensive. It doesn’t change it even if you set it to M+, where I would definitely benefit from it. Even if I lock in the Finese path, Spirit Drain isn’t the option, it wants Chilled Resilience.

The next problem is on my Tank set. It doesn’t even acknowledge that Nadjia exists and would rather use my DPS Conduits, which won’t have any value.

Is mine bugging out or was the DPS potential of Spirit Drain overlooked? Not sure where to go for using AMR in relation to conduits, but as far as gear/enchants go, I don’t have any problems on that section.

I don’t think we have an estimate for Spirit Drain right now – when you can get value from something on interrupts is highly variable. It can either be really useful or worthless, depending on the fight. It’s up to you to decide on conduits like that.

What I can do though, is for conduits that we don’t have estimates for (most finesse/endurance conduits for DPS specs), preserve the user’s choice instead of changing it.

The optimizer does see Nadjia as available, it just thinks that your other soulbind, even with the other conduits, would be better (albeit very slightly). You can always adjust this if you prefer, and lock in Nadjia for your tank spec.