Echoing Void Non-Hotfix

Are the values for Echoing Void going to be reverted until next week or are they going to remain devalued ahead of time? Its throwing me off that right now I should be using it, but the optimizer is assuming they’re weaker than they normally are.

Yeah Blizzard decided to push the change until Tuesday… we’ll probably just leave the values at what they will be on Tuesday rather than revert it and then change it again.

I think that most people would prefer to not accidentally get rid of or cleanse an item they get over the next 4 days that will become better.

For the next couple days: just use echoing void if you have it! As much of it as you can handle!

Just curious if the values for echoing void ended up being changed after all? It’s still getting recommended to me on 415 bracers over 440 with void ritual that have the same secondary stats.

Yes, echoing void has been changed since last thursday on the site to be using the new values.