Element Shaman: Call of Flame is cut-off not taken into account by Best in Bags

The Best in Bags tool is recommending me to use the ‘Call of Flames’ conduit, for a whooping 8% DPS increase, as seen in snapshot ID: b8f9ce26895f4f929f098a9720e3a323

However, as evidenced in this sim, getting 100% Fire Elemental uptime is trivial with S4 gear, and, at this point, Call of Flames is useless: the sim using it is a DPS loss

It looks like BiB does not take this Fire Elemental uptime cap into account. (For the same reason, Mastery is probably over-valued. It has great value until the 100% cap, and is nearly useless when it has been reached.)

I took a look at this a couple weeks ago. Call of Flame becomes unnecessary at some point, so I’d like to put in an adjustment for it. It is hard to deal with situations like this where there is some sort of cut-off where it goes from having value to not having value, since that cutoff is a little fuzzy. Maybe it could be as easy as giving it no value once you have 4pc set.

The values for the stats themselves are implicitly taking into account the increased uptime on the flame elemental, so the stats being picked should follow the simulations closely.

The other conduits are pretty weak, so it’s unfortunately not going to help a whole lot picking something else, but we want to do it for completeness regardless.

I’m afraid it’s not going to be as easy as giving it no value with 4pc.

If you don’t agressively stack mastery, you are not garanteed to get full uptime, and CoF is very valuable (Simulation Report)

As you said, the other conduits are not really powerful, and the meta these days is Marileth with Plaguey and only 2 DPS conduits - so there is an interesting optimization problem to solve: stack mastery, and get rid of CoF - or stack vers, but require CoF to get 100% uptime (but with enough mastery that you reliably get 100% uptime!)

Complicated, but awesome if you get it to work though :slight_smile: