Enabling Prydaz for Healers

Hi there,

currently Prydaz “active” is only being used for tanks. Is there any way I can enable it on my mistweaver monk?

I also just noticed that the mistweaver “rotation” isn’t using the legendary trinket. Shouldn’t this be enabled by default?

We don’t have Prydaz for healers right now and we don’t have the legendary trinket modeled either. Both of those items require overhealing modeled to give a fair assessment.

We are currently working on our version 2 of healing simulations, which should be able to handle these items.

I think we are going to find that Prydaz “seems” good because the shield increases your personal healing - but it’s effectively increasing the overhealing done by other healer’s splash heals, hots, etc - so the increase in healing for the raid is going to be small compared to other legendary items that you can control.

Very interesting, I hadn’t considered that. Thanks a lot for your answer and this great service.