Enchants still being recommended when None is chosen

For BiB setup, I select None for Enchantments, and yet it still recommends enchantments…

Aside from providing a Snapsot ID to further assist you, do you have any Enchantments on your gear that you have personally made the choice to add?

It may also be thet said recomendations add nothing to your character by way of throughput/performance, but I get that ‘None’ should mean none whatsoever.

From the Best in Bags Help button, please create a Snapshot ID so that you case can be looked into more closely.

Thank you.


Apologies for the tardy response, but I’ve only just seen this.
Thank you for the reply, and the issue is still extant (it’s an alt, so I don’t play it that often).
I don’t have any enchants at all - character is 58 and equipped in quest stuff.
Snapshot ID is 436d92f975f14dddb9e9636527478dc0

Many Thanks!

Having ‘plugged in’ your snapshot ID, I notice that you’re optimising for M+; which, AFAIK, is L60 only.
That could be the primary ‘spanner/wrench’ in the works.

I also noticed that the Snapshot was for Brewmaster, your second choice spec., according to the list on the far left side of the BiB window.

Are you planning ahead for this Monk & what spec. will be you be prioritising? That spec. should be at the top of the list - just drag it above WW, as the list stands - so that it can get full optimisation.
If I move BM to the top of the list, I get this returned:

That’s cleared it for me, too. Also, he’s just dinged 60, so I guess it won’t be an issue in any case.
Thank you for looking at it, though!