Equipment lists empty

I have finished levelling a Shaman which is 50 since a week or so.
Half its equipment is blue… so ilevel is not very good

When I paste the Mr Robot addon string and do a “Gear Check”
If I click on anything, any item of equipment, the lists are empty and only show the current equiped item.
So I dont have a list of the equipment to look for, slot by slot.

Best in slot, upgrade finder no longer workin.

Use the help link that is right above the gear table. Generate a snapshot id and post it for us so we can try to help you out more.


If I click on the staff or any piece, I wanted to see a list of the best pieces and where I need to get them. But the lists are always empty and only seem to show the current equiped item. Since my character recently got 50 my stuff is not great so this might be the source of the problem : too low ilevel ?

Thanks - I see what you were talking about now. I read it too fast the first time.

For the pre-patch, we intentionally limited the optimizer to essentially best in bags only. The game is in such a crazy state for pre-patch… it isn’t really possible for us to give a great upgrade finder experience or comprehensive ranking of items in each slot. We are spending all of our time on the shadowlands optimizer and having it as ready as possible for launch.

They are going to be putting in quite a bit of “catch up” gear with the events leading up to shadowlands in three weeks. I think that will be by far the easiest and most efficient way to get your item level up enough to move into shadowlands leveling without getting stomped. And then all the gear in BfA will be irrelevant!

We are very close from the next expansion so nothing really important :slight_smile: