Error connecting to simulation server

Seems like this has happened again as of some time yesterday CET. I noticed this at around 23:00 CET.

Simulation type:
Single and test combinations


Client successfully connected to the server.
Connected as user:
Simulator version 1560 is running.
24 processors available:
1 worker(s) started with 8 threads each*
1 glonet worker(s) started with 8 threads each*
Ready to simulate, go to to submit a simulation…
Running simulation …
ERROR 006: A connection to the server could not be established.
There was an error connecting to the server, waiting a minute to restart…
Press Escape (ESC) to stop the client at any time.
ERROR: Unable to connect to the AMR server.

We were having some connection issues to certain locations last night. That could have caused an issue. Try clearing your simulation queue and trying again.

If the problem persists let us know, we’re trying to contact our ISP about the issue today.

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I moved this to its own topic because it is a slightly different issue – in this case the client is having trouble connecting to our web servers. The other topic was an issue with our servers that process simulations getting stuck, and then the queue getting very long.

I think this one was a transient error… there were some internet outages on the west coast that may have impacted some people. All of my clients are connected right now, so the issue seems to have cleared up.

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Thanks for the replies, seems like it is sorted now.
I was at least able to run a simulation now.