Error in Mistweaver Simulation

So I was doing a few simulations locally using the tool and everything was fine as you can see here. But when I decided to use the raid rotation instead I got an error message like this one. Now every single combination of settings gives me this error, be it with m+ or raid rotation, rising mist or not, several talent combos or not, and I really don’t understand what’s caused this. I’ve reviewed the rotation code itself and nothing seems wrong, there’s not even a reference to essences so I’m at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I’ve tried to restart the program, as well as creating the sim from scratch.

You are including an old custom rotation in that simulation. That is where the error is coming from. You need to make sure to use our default rotations or custom rotations that you created without the old functions.

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Thanks for the reply!